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Rental Terms and Conditions


' - Cheap car hire and rental in Greece.'
1) Age of renter and driver

The minimum age is 21 years, for all vehicle categories

2) Driving license

We accept driving licenses that have been issued at least 1 year prior to the rental date - Only E.U. and International driving licenses are accepted.

3) Insurance ( Third part liability) (TPL)

Third part liability insurance includes body injuries and property damages
- body injures up to €500.000
- property damage up to €100.000

4) Optional insurance

1. Full insurance ( C.D.W.)

Full insurance covers any damage to the vehicle at an additional cost as follows:
- for group A,B,C - €5 per day
- for group D,E,F - €10 per day

2. Theft insurance ( T.W.)

Theft insurance covers total loss of the vehicle at an additional cost as follows:

- for group A,B,C - €1 per day
- for group D,E,F- €2 per day

A €400 excess applies.

3. Personal Accident Insurance ( P.A.I.)

Personal Accident Insurance covers the driver against:
- death: €15.000
- permanent total disability - up to: €15.000
- permanent partial disability - up to: €15.000
- medical expenses €300
- hospital benefit €6 per day


- Damages to the vehicle while on board a ship
- Damages to the vehicle caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Damages incurred while driving on unpaved roads
- Damages incurred to the lower part of the vehicle and to the tires
- Loss or theft of any personal belongings in the vehicle
- Damages to the vehicle caused by drivers not stated in the contract

6) Additional kilometre charge:

No additional fee applies (free km)

7) Additional driver charge:

No additional charge for second driver bound to the above mentioned contract conditions

8) Gasoline:

We recommend the use of 95 octane unleaded petrol.
Upon returning the vehicle the renter is asked to ensure that the gasoline tank is at the same level when the vehicle was first rented. If the vehicle is returned with less gasoline, the renter will be charged the difference. However, the renter shall not be compensated for any surplus gasoline in the tank.

9) Complimentary accessories:

- Baby / Child seat (CS,BS) - free of charge
- Luggage carrier - €5 per day

10) Taxes:

Car rental is subject to 23%VAT.

VAT is included in our prices

11) Roadside assistance:

This service is offered through ELPA road assistance (Tel: 10400)

12) Traffic and Parking offense:

The renter is fully responsible for any fines related to either traffic or parking violations.

13) Use of ferryboat:

Prior approval by SKOUTELIS Car rental is required to get the vehicle on a ferryboat

14) Driving territory:

Greece only - Driving outside Greece is strictly forbidden.

15) Disclaimer:

Conditions and prices can change at any time without any prior notice.

16) Special prices for long term car rental.

Our daily prices get lower the longer you rent!

17) Breakdown car replacement

Our car fleet is young. However, in the unlike event of a vehicle breakdown or in case the vehicle cannot be driven due to an accident we will replace the car with another one.


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